While browsing some blogs, I came across some really amazing and creative work done by an artist. It included photoshop work, 3d graphics, video tutorials, CG portraits and concept art. Since I didn't have any banner for my blog, I decided it wouldn't be bad to ask if he could help me out with this and he replied he could and asked me what I wanted. I didn't give him any restriction as far as it had the same text as befefore and he did it within fifteen minutes (which also include the computer restart and the fact he had to reinstall his photoshop software). I don't usualy make publicity like this but here is something that will show you how he can create something out of nothing!

                                                             Herp Derp :

                                                            Here's the original :

So if you feel like getting a new banner or need any help with photoshop, you can go ask him out; he's still taking requests! If you don't need anything, just go check his stuff, it's amazing!