November 17, 2013

Jetman Glider

Years ago we told you about Yves Rossey,a.k.a. Jetman, when he managed to pull off some aerial loops and roll himself like a plane while wearing a jet pack, thousands of feet up in the air and at over 200 mph. He was 51 at the time. Rossey must be getting bored. He released another video a few weeks ago and he is jet free this time. Yep. A human glider. (at age 53 to boot!) And apparently there will be an opportunity in the future for you to learn the art of gliding from Jetman himself.
His human glider video (below) will make you stop and say WOW. Not just about the beautiful Swiss scenery. But he drops out of the plane at over 11,000 feet (3,500 meters). He maneuvers his way around peaks and through valleys at about 150mph and even builds up enough speed to regain 300 feet in one fell swoop. Remember, this is all in an unpowered glider! Like with the jet pack he landed safely with assistance of a built-in parachute.  The tease Jetman offers at the end of the video is the fact that Jetman Glider School is coming soon. Meaning you could learn from this pilot and inventor. There is no other information given yet, but we’ll stay on it. Maybe you can join me in school!


  1. Great to see you're still rocking the blogger world old friend!

  2. I saw something like this on Top Gear!

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    1. Currently working on posts for both my blogs. They should be up within one hour.

  4. Amazing jetman at work, it is superb.

  5. i am SO not an adrenaline junky! :) i prefer feet on the ground peace and quiet. :)

    thanks for finding my spot today and leaving a comment. really appreciate it!

  6. Yes! we fly!

    Back in the day. . . . Before Madonna even!