December 13, 2010

Motivation - "Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure"

Imagine for a moment that you have been given this one day to live--there are no yesterdays or tomorrows. If that were true, how would you experience this day differently? What would you choose to think, see, and do?

Today truly is when life's dramas will unfold. We can learn from the past and plan for tomorrow, but we can't live in the past or future. The present moment is where we will experience life. This day is filled with tremendous possibilities for growth and achievement.

We can choose to dwell on yesterday's hurtful memories, or we can see through the eyes of a child--with newness, joy, and the thrill of adventure.

Pause today. Experience deeply all the sights and sounds around you. Allow yourself to feel each emotion that this day brings. Take a moment to relax and let your imagination flow without limitation. Allow the possibilities of this day to become clear in your mind.

Then walk through this day in keen awareness, mindful of the miracles and possibilities it offers. Today we can build new dreams and discover solutions to unsolved problems. There will be chances to see, hear, touch, taste, feel, laugh, and love that we've never had before.

Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) wisely said, "We all have possibilities we don't know about. We can
do things we don't even dream we can do."

Inside each person there are possibilities he or she has not discovered. When we rush through the day without observing our thoughts, we overlook those possibilities. Living with intentional awareness will strengthen and broaden our vision of possibilities.

This moment can be a new beginning. There will be thrilling possibilities to see if you will stop, look, and listen with your mind and heart.

Self-esteem enhances performance in every area of life. It is an abundant supply of positive self-regard and recognition of the Creator's unique gifts to you. It is a favorable opinion of self without feeling the need to prove your worth.

Encouragement given to others is a great catalyst for their achievement, and it is the same for you. When you encourage yourself, you feel more decisive. You are able to tap your potential more quickly.

Here are five important principles to remember about self-esteem:

1. Those with high self-esteem take complete responsibility for what happens in their lives. Instead of wasting time finding fault, they look for ways to change themselves to create new circumstances.

2. Self-esteem does not need outward approval. It is sufficient in and of itself.The individual will accept other's approval with gratitude, but intuitively knows when he or she has done well.

3. Self-esteem sees from a perspective of abundance, not scarcity. It carries the confidence to ask for and accept with gratitude a limitless supply of God's love and goodness.

4. Self-esteem is filled with faith and forgiveness. The person believes that they can have the life they desire. They trust their creative ability enough to reach for their dreams. They forgive themselves when missing the mark, and continue toward their objectives with tenacity and resolve.

5. Building high self-esteem after feeling low self-esteem is a process. It is helpful to spend time each day focusing on things done well. Record each of your successes. Congratulate yourself for the smallest victories.

Take a few moments each day to focus on and reinforce your strengths and potential. You'll be pleased with what you discover.

Here's a special shout out to Kazzamm who I think deserve to be part of this motivational post since he puts a constant effort into losing some weight. May you be an inspiration to all!

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
-- Henry David Thoreau

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.
-- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can't have it.
-- Robert Anthony


  1. Thank you for the post bud. I dont know about constant effort but I am trying. But just like everyone else I have some good days and some bad days.

  2. @kkazzamm

    Check out man, how many people do you know own a blog about his daily fitness? Personaly, there's only misscupcake and you introduced me to her blog! That's a great start and show you at least got the motivation to set everything up to help yourself keep up the energy to train a little more and lose some weight! And after all, you keep posting no matter what you did that day! This is what I call constant effort my friend!

  3. Hah, who needs a personal coach when you have this blog. Great stuff.

  4. i feel inspired. i especially like the quotes at the end. thoreau nailed it.

  5. Thanks for pointing it out in steps. Very helpfull

  6. Nice, way to highlight kazzamm and cupcake for their weight loss efforts.

  7. I liked the quotes at the end too!

  8. I don't think I'm hardcore enough for this D:

  9. great motivational vids think we have some competition going between our blogs :)

  10. @Smile
    Haha, only got the idea from a friend. I'm still working on making this an extreme sport blog so don't worry! I only thought it was related!

  11. That's pretty moving stuff. I think I'm going to go jog around the block!

  12. I don't know why, but I hate myself now.

  13. Well bud thank you for the words of encouragement. :) Of of my wife's friends comes on there just to rag me. And some people just come on there and put "Fly like a G6" thinking they have a way to beat the adsense system and get rich. While the ads are a bonus like you say I do the blog/journal for my own benefit. :)
    Checking out "Smiles" blog now too :D

  14. This is inspiring. keep it up...

  15. In the wise words of all the other commenters here, this is inspiring. Really solid advice here.

  16. really inspiring thoughts you have glad i came across your post,now i can be more confident with who i am and who i can be because i am me..thanks..